I get this feeling sometimes, after watching a great movie, I would wish I was in a world at the brink of destruction so that I would be able to show how courageous and brave I am. How selfless I can be, sacrifices I can make and how many lives I can save.

If it’s a love story, I would wish there could be a live situation where I can prove that I can be unflinching in love and how much of a Rose(Titanic) I can be.

If the movie is about triumph after struggle, I would be close to imagining how strong I will prove to be in face of challenges and hardship, keeping hopes and determination alive till the very end.And prove that I can rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

If it’s a movie about liberation, truth, integrity and honor, I would imagine that I’d be fearless and remain a strong voice, even in the face of death.

But all my imaginations are a waste, because I need not bother imagining. Everyday life tasks the humanity, strength and courage in us, demanding we show greatness. Unfortunate circumstances are not the only event that draws that out.

Lately, I cast my mind back on a lot of things, and in my young life, my many characteristics have been tasked. I may not be fortunate to have experienced a fairytale romance or unfortunate to exist in a conflict torn zone,but many times, I have shown how selfless I can love, how much I can forgive and how brave I can be many times.

If you wait for grand moments before you show kindness, bravery, courage, generousity, forgiveness, loyalty, you would probably wait forever. We do have real life superheroes. I have been at the receiving end of rescue, love,kindness, upliftment,loyal,etc ,so I can tell.

Moments make us. We do not know when we inspire. Most people do not even set out to inspire, yet they do. Many superheroes, if not all never set out to be super,nor heroes,but they ended up becoming both by stepping up and proving their humanity in difficult times.

Don’t wait to amass an ocean of audience before you inspire, encourage, guide or lead. You may never control a billion naira fortune,so giving 100million in charity may never be you calling. But some needs can be met with a few kobo. Meet those.

Not everyone would have a brutal rape experience, but still, you can run an advocacy center aimed at helping rape survivors live life in full again.

No matter how far gone our world toady has become, there is still hope for good. You can be that great lover,that loyal friend, the new Mother Theresa. You can be anything.

Be the light, shine.

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  1. Wande Adalemo says:

    Refreshing and uplifting.

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