Addiction is silent, yet so loud.

Many people who are addicted are simply unaware that they are. Even when the question or consciousness of addiction rises, they prove to be most confident that they are not; addicted.

So how can one really know?

Here are a few markers (in no particular order) that you might just be addicted to your telephone device;

– Do you always wish to extend the duration you use your phone? You seem to have refreshed your timeline and nothing new has turned up, you have just ended that call, snapped that picture or sent that document, yet there’s this urge, another use, lurking around the corner that promises to be fun.

Who dropping phone epp, afterall people have become millionaires off contents on their phones, right?

Well, let’s call that “Marker 1.”

– Have you ever tried to tone down on your phone use and it seems you simply can’t? You put your phone down this second and before the count of “7,” you are already itching to pick it up. For some reason, (maybe your hands were tied, literally or metaphorically) and you were not able to pick up your phone at first impulse, in extended moments ; minutes – hours, you find yourself restless. The restlessness may not consciously present as need to pick up your phone again, but the moment you do, you become relieved. Within yourself, you resolve to use the phone less, but who sigh. Nothing.

Let’s call that “Marker 2”

– Do you find yourself choosing your phone as company? Let’s say you have a few minutes, hours, days to kill, and you plan to occupy yourself with your phone.

That seems harmless right? Well, you’re unknowingly setting up yourself to finding passion or pleasure from your cellphone, ONLY, excluding all other possible sources of company or pleasure. Particularly, excluding the age-long company known to man; other people, especially those around you.

“Marker 3”

-We are the leading poor country in the world. We wear the crown jewel of the global poverty capital, but seemingly, almost everyone (who has tasted the internet) always have money to fund data.

Babes beg for data, guys arrange “anyhow,” but somehow, subscription is always made possible by many people even in the face of struggle to afford it.

Well, that’s another grand maker.

– Is your phone the last thing you pay attention to before you (finally) fall asleep and the very first thing you attend to as soon as you wake; be it in-between sleep or after “long” sleep?

Are you among those whose “Last Seen” reads 2:13am? If I may ask, what were you doing online at that hour? Whatever you were doing, brain will frequently stay up or even cut sleep short, just so not to miss out on that.

Na another marker oooo.

You see, addiction, regardless of its object, basically works in the same way ; impulse to indulge, regardless of anything ; convinence: pinging during meetings, church, etc, affordability : data craze, and futile attempt to stop, etc.

It’s the same urge that holds substance “misusers.” It all begins in leisure, then pleasure before the wreck comes.

Cell phone, internet and social media hasn’t been with us for too long, relatively, so it’s still unclear what exactly long-term effects of its addiction would be, or the many negative correlates it will be fingered in. Some effects are already being documented ; short-attention span, inattention, muscle discomfort, eye strain, problems with sleep.

It’s important to not that addiction and use are highly “subject.” A person may indulge habitually with a thing, yet it causes him or her no troubles. While another may indulge in far less, and they begin to underperform in school or at work, as other areas of their lives begin to suffer as well.

On a lighter note, how many makers apply to me?

I’ll start, for me, ALL OF THEM.

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