When I hear people say “Fulani’s love their cow”,the thing rattles me. For one, it makes me question my
concept or understanding of love.

Do I (still) even know what love means.

You love something,you nurture it, rear it, protect it, kill your fellow human being because of it, then what? You market the creature that you so love as a product(that it is).

Ironically, the bulk of the customers and buyers are made up of “infidels” who buy the beloved cow and use it as meat in their refreshment,recreation or in daily meal.

Funny enough, it’s still the cow lovers that do the slaughtering. Anyway, who best to lure one to their death if not the one they know and trust. Reminds me of Things Fall Apart. And you say that it is love?Of course, it’s love, but it’s not the cow they love, me thinks it’s the money the cow trade brings.

One cow is sold for like what,lets say 140k. That’s how much an average school in big cities charge per term for a child in Primary School. Some Preparatory and Nursery classes charge as much. Per term. And parents cough out that money for each of their child.

Now you can say that is love.

Parents continue to invest in the life of their child until they become independent.The end game is never to sell them for slaughter. In many years of rearing a child, parents are hypervigilant and are always on guard. Ready to rise in defence of their child anytime, anyday. Any harm you try to bring upon their child would have to pass through them first. Parents hardly even attack. For one they know they should set good examples for their children, and nobody wants their child to believe that aggression is a way of life. Let’s say it’s a good thing cows don’t learn.

That’s what a tinie tiny fraction of love is like.

As earlier said, I don’t think the love is for the cow, rather for the money its trade brings. Going by this, I would advice they find solid-proof ways of protecting their investment. Cows are not exactly the most expensive merchandise there is. In fact, it hardly even makes the list.

I once saw a 480k handbag displayed for sale and my eye balls almost bulged out at the sight of the price tag. The sales girl in the shop should not be more than 23years old. Of course she is not the owner of the business. But I did not see her carry AK-47 to guard her pricey wares. We all heard Wizkid wore a 400million naira wrist watch the other day. Wherever he purchased it, I am very sure the seller was not carrying AK-47.

Maybe you would say handbags and wrists watches do not eat grass and therefore are not exposed to “elements” while roaming to find it.

But the best way to secure a product is by leaving it in a secure location, in this case( cows) it’s better to raise them in a stead instead (no pun intended). A stead you pay for oooooooo.

That’s easy. The thoughts come easily to anyone, and the details are easy to work out and be brought to reality.

But of course, it’s not happening.

So that leads me to think that the cattle rearers do not really live in fear of their security, or maybe the security of the cows.

So what then is the reason for the attacks? It’s clear it’s not about love for cow, or their (in)security.

Then what?

Well, me I don’t know. Let’s say the answer to that is one of the very many things I do not know.

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