This is year 2-0-1-9. It’s last quarter for that matter. Certain things have simply become redundant at this point.

This is Nigeria. Now is hardly the best time to be a Nigerian, unless of course you are Fulani.

Almost all our indices are disturbing and worrisome, even the ones we are not rated at the base or peak. Critics are quickly silenced by precedence of how bad things also were in past administrations, particularly the immediate past administration. But some things are undeniable, one of which is that indices of measures come in a spectrum.

There’s hardly no absolute presence or absence of these things measured.

Let’s take for instance, crime. There’s no population that has zero crime rate. Not even in our homes. Afterall, meat gets missing in the pot and sticks go missing in rows of cabin biscuits, both with no explanation.

So also it is in everything.

Point me to any society that has hit zero levels in illiteracy, crime, corruption, insecurity, unemployment, poverty, etc or any indices of measure of your choice.

It’s simple…there’s no such society, anywhere. Even leading societies can only brag about low levels of these and the worse societies(such as ours) have them at alarming levels.

Nigeria has 23.1% unemployment level, 50% poverty level, 13 million out-of-school children. Lower levels of any of these is simply an aspiration given that the figures continue to get worse everyday.

Back to my point, undermining or dismissing severity of the current state of our affairs in Nigeria because things had been bad before now is at best redundant and more practically, it’s counter-productive, as there is an undertone of blunted urgency to seek solutions.

What then is the essence of leadership, aspiration to it and need for change of it?

Is it not to make things better? Or is it to ride on the comfort of all that had been established by past leaderships and then do what, enjoy?

Is that it?

Even an economy as robust as the American economy still need propelling towards (more) progress, else it will naturally regress. Not to talk of a developing country such as Nigeria. Without deliberate, tactful effort to propel it forward, gravity will simply pull it down to collapse.

I’m not sure how far or close we are to that; collapse.

It is hardly about hate or antagony nor love or support. It is about leadership and it’s role in national development. The actions and inactions of past administration laid the roadmap of where we are today, the good and the bad. Unarguably, the actions and inactions of current leadership can stagnant, progress or regress us as a Nation.

Bemoaning the activities of past governments in an undertone that it has handicapped the current one doesn’t portray the hallmark of (good) leadership. Imagine a succession of leaderships bemoaning same.

No Nation can survive that.

What then is the essence of leadership if not to take charge and stir the wheel of progress of the Nation. Moreover, the leader of a Nation is armed with all instrument of State at their disposal. Unless in stark ingenuity, a leader cannot be left handicapped. Unless of course, they are not trying, or are trying the wrong way.

Certain things don’t lie, particularly figures and numbers. Certain things cannot be denied out of existence or proclaimed into one; existence.

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