We were taught there are 7 classes of food, including water

Whatever it is you eat must fall under these 7 classes. And we all know we have different types of food. Different cultures, countries with their different food

Yam, rice and garri make up our major source of carbohydrate in this part of the world

I’m sure yam and garri doesn’t make up the menu in Europe or America, that does not mean they lack carbohydrate. They just have their own source of carbohydrate, different from ours

We get our vitamins and minerals from our vegetables. I doubt an average European will recognise “ugu” when they see it. They probably get their vitamins and minerals from broccoli, spinach. All is absorbed as minerals in the body

I’m not really here to talk about food

Sorry if I gave the impression

The recent indictment of 80 Nigerians, majority of whom are of Igbo extraction has got everyone talking

Some people see it as a valid ground to castigate Igbos, condemning them for being notable in internet fraud

Well, even the Igbos have a saying “if one finger gets soiled by oil, it gets smeared to all other fingers”

The biggest folly, fallacy of all these is that certain kind of crimes seem to be the exclusive reserve of certain people (tribe)

Fulani herdsmen

Igbo Fraudsters

Yoruba drug barons

Niger Delta militants

Benin (Italo)Prostitutes


As much as it appears so, no (form) of crime is the exclusive reserve of any group of people

It’s just like saying certain professions are only done by certain people

That appears to be so too but let me try to explain

People can only manipulate what is available in their surrounding. That goes for good conduct and crime.

There cannot be incidents of bicycle theft (or bicycle repair or bicycle games) in a place where there are no bicycles. Fisherman business is for communities that have large bodies of water. If your village only has small streams, where will you find water to grow your fisherman career?

That said, it’s important to note that behavioural disturbances manifest in different ways across different cultures

A person who has propensity for crime can only explore criminal opportunities around him or her.

And the less sophisticated the environment is, the more basal the crime criminals in the environment resort to

For instance, there used to be a time in Igbo culture yam was the most valuable thing of worth to steal. Then goats, chicken and all

What grade of thief would steal yam today?

Of course, theft didn’t phase out with the theft of yams, the thievery just continued with other items

In the absence of sophistication, criminal tendencies revolve around physical destruction and violence

Remind me again what kind of criminal activity herdsmen disturbances is about?

Remember I began with the illustration of classes of food.

Our carbohydrate is gotten from our garri, rice while in America, it comes from their burger, pizza, cookies

All is carbohydrate

So also it is with behavioural disturbances. Disorderliness manifests in different ways and all is still disorderliness.

Different forms of a thing is still the same thing

Disregard for laid down rules, disregard for constituted authority, disregard for the emotions of others and pain, harm caused can bring, disregard for right and safety of others, desire for immediate gratification

All these represent behavioural disturbances regards of what form they come. And their effects are the same, regardless of what form they come as well. No is more tolerable and the other less so

Every society is ladened with theirs. And serious societies find solutions

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