I have neighbours………too many of them. That may sound like a good thing but I have lived here long enough to see that it’s not. You smell every shit, perceive every aroma, hear every sound, and I mean all these literally.

You can have a very robust spiritual life just by chanting Amen to the prayers of the prayer warrior two doors away. You hear every argument from when it was raised to when peace was made.

I swear I know the second most of the children running around where conceived..

But these are hard times, the 42 room compound is all my little job can pay for. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, I work 12 hours a day/6 days a week, so I get good escape from the ‘neighbourhood’.

We communicate well here, we communicate alot of things,from tales(gossip) to diseases. Everyone is like his or her own radio station that broadcasts any and everything and if a child comes up with rashes in the afternoon, be sure almost everyone will have it by noon. If Ebola makes its into the compound, I am sure we all will be eradicated.

Living here has shown me that the hustle is real but this is passing for me. Many have risen from here, I know one day I will make it to my own Banana Island, either by marriage or by hustle.

But sadly till then, I have to share a bathroom with more than 20 people ,see grown men and their morning rising,hear screams of both pleasure and pain, live amongst wolves in sheep’s clothings and amongst wolves as they really are.

Oh yea! we have plenty of those. People who both bark and bite.

Our Landlord would have made a good Judge . The troubles he mediates over is weighter than cases handled by our High Courts and in all peace remains. He is kind and sees his building as a shelter and not as the ‘goose that lays the Golden eggs’ property like most Landlords do.

In all, I love the happiness I see on the faces of the children, the strength I see in their mothers and the dignity in labour their Father’s hold.

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