Thanks to the self-acclaimed, self-promoted Controller-General of Customs (CGC), the general public has been shown another shade of mental disorder; a stint of display of grandeur – a person believing they are of great importance, more, far more than they truly are.

There is this thing called “delusion,” it’s hardly an unknown word and its manifestation can be astonishing.

About the latest happening; a lower-ranking Customs officer, mounting up at the highest ranking officer in the Nigerian Customs.

Who does that?

Well, we all saw the news.

Delusion of grandeur is definitely not all there is; some people believe themselves to be poorer than they are; delusion of poverty, the seeming opposite of delusion of grandeur. And no, they are not being modest. Sometimes, you see someone who is very rich but hardly lives the life, not that they are being frugal, but they just don’t believe they own all they do.

Some people believe they are they are more beautiful than Queen Sheba. Some people believe they are loved by others (who do not love them), that is the founding stone of stalking.

We are very familiar with Nollywood storyline where a “wicked person” who is dreaded and avoided by everyone in their village . Infact, the person isn’t always exactly desirous of being in good relations with people. Then one day, their “evil” catches up with them and they begin to “confess;” owning up to responsibility for almost all the calamities that had happened around them, or in their community at large.

Na ISIS or Boko Haram dey claim responsibility for calamities oh.

See eh, the person confessing may simply be deluded…..“Delusion of guilt.”
Remember I already noted that such people, long before the “confession” most likely were not in good relations with people around them; people avoided them and they avoided people.

They most likely were depressed all along, possibly they suffered other mental health conditions as well.

Nollywood in their spectacle, always ended this kind of story with the “confessor” dying after the “confession.”

If I hear!

Remember there’s a relationship between suicide and mental disorders; not just depression.

But we hardly recognize such deaths as portrayed in movies as suicide, we just believe the devil had caught up with the fellow and they died.

Well. That’s bizarre.

The more likely thing is that they may have ingested something even before the supposed confession.

It mustn’t be suicide though. If you’ve ever been around someone moments before their death, you’ll know how restless they get just before their passing. Sometimes, it can be more than restlessness, people get delirious too and it can disorganize their thought just before they die.

You know the few instances wives confess to killing their husbands; and fulfilling the long-standing allegation of haughty-eyed in-laws that the poor woman killed their brother.

Well, grief is a very difficult thing. It’s enough to wasp someone’s mind. That on its own can lead to conditions that bring on delusion; depression, psychosis.

Remember Nebuchadnezzar, he was a great man alright, but he was largely grandiose. You remember our Idi Amin of Uganda, he was largely grandiose as well. Even our dear Danny in Game of Thrones, forget self-esteem, that babe was grandiose too.

Ah, how can I forget the most prevalent one; village people things. We’ve formed a culture of people believing that someone or some people out there are out to harm them. In fact, if you don’t subscribe to it, others will subscribe to it on your behalf.

Not that humans don’t undermine each other, but when it comes to pathology, there is an overwhelming belief of persecution.

There is another common one; people who are damn jealous and believe that even the birds of the air are contesting with their lovers affection with them- Overly jealous wives or husbands who attack anybody who hang around their partner a second more than usual.

There are way more. I can go on and on, but let me stop before I begin to bore you.

So you see, mental illness is far more than the naked dirty man in the street. People live seemingly normal lives, holding up good jobs, just like the Custom officer, yet are good candidates for psych evaluation.

But what do I know, the Custom officer may just be someone whose link was not legit. Maybe he did some peripheral scheming, not knowing he hadn’t inserted himself to the right stem. After all, we have people who “enter” Universities and study from first year to the end and when it’s time for clearance, they discover their admission was fake. It will be unfair to tag such people as deluded.

Have you read “Shades of Us?” If no, what in God’s name are you waiting for?

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