Whenever I tell someone that I am a Psychologist, the response I get most times is, “oh, so you can read me mind?”

Well, no, I can’t read your mind, I wouldn’t lie to you about that.

One thing I get from this question is that most people don’t know what Psycjologists do. I can go further to say that most people don’t know what mental health is. I can go even further to say that most people don’t know what mental disorders are?

So what is mental health?

Well, mental health is health. It affects the way you think, act, respond. It affects the choices you make; friends, career,etc. It affects the way you eat, sleep and even walk,etc.

And what are mental disorders?

That’s a big one.

The average person only recognizes mental disorders when it comes in its extremities; schizophernia, what the average person calls “madness”- that’s the street word-, and depression that is gaining more prominience these days.

What of other disorders that make up the spectrum? People know very little or nothing about that. Let’s take for instance, whenever you notice someone is not feeling well, you’ll summarily assume they have cancer. When maybe they are just down with malaria.Can you imagine that?

Mental disorders affects men and women alike, boys and girls, old and young, rich and poor.

In my few years of experience as a Psychologist, I’ve come to believe that one of the reasons mental disorders in its entirety is associated with so much stigma and negativity is because an average person presumes that schizophernia(madness) is all there is about mental disorders. Spreading across the stigma associated with schizophernia to all other mental disorders.

Not that schizophernia; the condition and its suffers, deserve to be stigmatized, but when we learn that conditions as common as difficulty with sleep, or problems with alcohol among many others all form part of mental disorders, maybe we will be less condescening about mental health and mental disorders.

I authored a book titled “Shades of Us”. A story themed on mental health. The story was narrated in such a way it revealed different mental disorders prevalent in our society.

Everyone is familiar with many of the scenerios portrayed in the story, but there’s a huge irony; most of the disorders go unrecognized as mental problems.

Asides its mental health theme, the story also mirrored other realities in our today’s society.

So will you like to learn a thing or two about mental health, “Shades of Us” is a good place to start.

Copies are available on order, and delivery is available nationwide.

Also available on Amazon.

Let “Shades of Us” be your June investment. Happy new month.

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