I don’t know who needs to hear this; that marathon mid-night prayers and night vigils may not be good for you afterall.

You see, sleep is important,very important, and regular disruption of it; with marathon prayers and vigils in focus,can alter your sleep cycle,making you sleep less or not even sleep at all.

Not that you shouldn’t worship God the way you deem best, but physical deprivation leaves you vulnerable,eventually.

Jesus, the very son of God fasted for forty days and forty nights. Remember the first thing that happened afterwards; the devil showed up to tempt him.

Jesus wasn’t tempted with just food. He was offered the whole of the world, if only he’ll bow.

His judgment,values, identity were being weighed at that time. And you know why? Because the Devil understands that after such a long period of bodily deprivation, his strength; physically and otherwise would probably be exhausted and he could fall for anything.

Logically that was the best time to strike.

Jesus is the very Son of God, Spirit made flesh, one of the Trinity. How much more you?

Sleep is important for your health; physically and mentally. Lack of it leaves you vulnerable and less optimal to undertake anything,including spiritual welfare, I must add. It can make one lose concentration. It can also make one very irritable.

You ever wonder why “bed rest” is prescribed. In the instance Doctors are in doubt of your compliance; abandoning all activities and committing to inactivity, you are admitted and made to pay hospital fees just so you be inactive. It’s simple; sleep and rest are good for you.

I know most people model after their Daddy or Mummy General or their spiritual leader who appear ever-charged and never weary. And they feel short if they don’t keep up with their leader.

It’s good oh. It’s not bad at all. But keep in mind that some, if not most of these spiritual leaders are full-time spiritual leaders. When they mount-down from the pulpit after 2,3, or even 5 hours of power-packed spiritual action, what else do they do?

Weekly church activities last fewer hours. Before and after worshippers gathered and disparsed, what were they occupied with?

Well, let me guess, they may or may not have been taking a well deserved rest. Yes, they study the scriptures for a few hours, pray for longer hours, but within a period of 24 hours, they erk out rest, and sleep. Even if they stayed up all night praying for you or with you,they find time during the day to pay the sleep debt. They even go on vacations and relax, but do you?

I don’t blame the spiritual leaders for any wrong. There is no “badness” on their part in this regard. They love the Lord and have witnessed His goodness time and time again. And they are nudging you,guiding you, to love and worship Him too.They have signed up for a full-time worship; all day and all night, but you didn’t sign up same. So you have to jostle your schedule to include earnest worship, foreiting sleep if need be, to have the full spiritual experience. So you go on during the day to earn a living and at night, you turn to Him; God, for praise,worship and petition. And by the next morning, you return to your duty post, making a living, and the cycle continues. While your spiritual leader focuses on worshipping God and in His name, command ten percent of whatever you make for his or her upkeep.

I’m a Christian (too) and I know that an average person become so spiritually hyperactive,enough to forgo sleep,regularly,when they are looking unto God for something.

The supremacy of God is laid on the foundation that His will prevails in our lives. Allowing Him to direct and redirect our path. If this holds true, why earnestly petition God for what it is you want? What if its not His will for you?

What if you are to become the Mother Theresa of your generation and you are busy hopping from one church to the other, one vigil to the other, depriving yourself and your neighbors of their dear sleep with seemingly endless prayers, praying for a husband. When you are supposed to be checking out Convents to decide which to begin your ministry.

You are praying for a job. You fast and pray without ceasing to land the dream job, when God’s will for you is to patent an invention that will command a global market.

I don’t know if you know this,or maybe you have forgotten, we worship a God who can do more abundantly,exceedingly more than we can possibly ask of Him. When fulfilled people look back at where they came from, they easily admit that couldn’t have possibly asked for the much they eventually had.

Not that you shouldn’t have a vibrant prayer life or spiritual commitment, but keep in mind you are human and you cannot cheat nature or even economics. We must learn to find a balance.

Thank you.

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