The first time I went to a Yoruba party, I realized why the Yorubas’ love Owambe so much.

Who would not? The sound of their music literally drums the ear. The rich sound of their drums can never be replaced by any studio sound. Their dance can almost make a cripple limp up and try to join in. The movement of their (big) waist makes a mockery of club moves some people condemn as ‘undecent’. Both the big and small come on the floor and shake their body. The cheer on their faces gives me hope that we still have some happiness around. All these makes a mockery of any onlooker that cannot dance. Thanks to Olamide and Co who helped push Yoruba songs into mainstream hip hop and R n b, I could sing along even if I could not dance.

The perfect artistry of their womens’ hair gear stands out in poise. No tribe matches them in gele matters. It is a fine work of art you can not envy, you just have to salute. Their array of colors light the venue up and makes you see the beauty in color.

Ahhhhhh, the food!!!. Even in this recession, the abundance has remained the same. They prepare their Item 7 in so much surplus that even a glutton would near his gauge. Somehow, even the poor amongst them still serve what is obtainable in a 5-Star buffet meal. I will try not to give a detailed description of all that was served in other to save myself the embarrassment of drooling spittle as I type. In all, there is abundance to eat, drink (and take home).

Too bad I am flawed in the language, so I could not eavesdrop into any of the communication taking place around me. I would have loved to know if the two women around me were whispering words of admiration and praise or envy and resentment whenever another woman passes by. Also, I would have really loved to understand what the group of 4 (broke) guys behind me talk about before they whistle to any girl that caught their eye. And what amuses them after the girls walk away. Most importantly, I would have loved to understand all the Master of ceremony was saying. I used to feel left out when everyone bursts out in laughter, I suppose to a good joke by the MC. Or what someone on the high table said that roused a big round of applause.

As the men jostle their agbada and the women’s Buba remains firmly tied around their waist. One would see that the Yoruba way of life is not going anywhere. No height of education or achievement, duration of stay abroad, fame, fortune or even poverty has threatened to erode their culture. There is more to an Owambe than coming to eat. I think for them, it’s an opportunity to swim in their rich culture at every given time.

Other tribes have a thing or two to learn.


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    1. Thank you very much.

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    Interesting Stuff

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    Interesting read. But why aren’t you using images more?

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    Nice write up, as usual.

    1. Thanks for taking out your time to read through, I really appreciate

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