You know how motivational speakers preach the importance of networking in business and success? Well, I’m here to tell you of one well known unknown form of business networking; secret cult cum blood money.

Yes, you heard right.

Secret cults are basically forms of well-connected networks that promote business, facilitate transactions and provide business opportunities.

Forget all that kill your mother, bring your favorite son, sacrifice your wife, destroy your brother, turn your father into a vegetable. Bring the left kidney of a vulture that has never flown over River Benue. Bring a black cock that has sired only white chickens. Then there’s the latest trend of pant stealing.

All that na show. Paparazzi. Indoctrination at best. None of all that is being made to the Devil or some spiritual force in exchange for fame and fortune. They are just hurdles set by humans to exert the loyalty and commitment of intending members.

These challenges are put into place for some reasons; one, it asserts the willingness(willingness here being euphemism for desperation) of the intending member. Are they equal to the task? Do they have what it takes?Secondly, and more importantly, they are designed to indict the intending member into criminality.

We all know the best proof for covert activities is complicity. Expose me and expose yourself. Embarrass me and embarrass yourself. This is one tenet that has ridiculed our fight of corruption in Nigeria; at any point anyone decides to act sanctimonious, they’ll be reminded of their sins,past and present.

So the tale of people using their loved one for ritual serves both emotional and precautionary role. The former being a show of commitment ( by doing all that is demanded of you) and the latter being a criminal indictment to insure secrecy.

Let’s keep in mind that everyone’s loved one will eventually die,are bound to die, today, tomorrow or next and according to Dapola of the Ojuelegba sharwama fame, everyone is optimistic about making it big in life. So what if ones mother or wife coincidentally die around the time, just before or soon afterwards someone “blows.” How does it translate accurately to money rituals?

It’s Nollywood I blame. They’re the people that single handedly propagated the belief in occults and money rituals. You know what they say, “art imitates life.” So Nollywood script writers did not come up with the existence of blood money in from abstraction.

You see, after people prove their willingness, commitment, they are introduced into an underground network, usually of the dark economy, drugs, fraud, hitman, money laundering, etc. They are showed the ropes of the trade, coupled with already existing structures in their favor, they attain success in little or no time.

Using street language, “they blow.”

Sometimes the network they are incorporated into are not always illegitimate. It could be honest business sometimes. You know loyalty is rarer than sapphire. It’s hard to find who to trust and commit blue print of one’s highly valued means of livelihood. So forgive them for being “rigorous.”

Igbos say that if a poor man is told what it takes to become rich, he’ll choose to remain poor. No one would blame anyone for putting hurdles to wealth acquisition. After all we all know the nuisances of “money-miss-road.” So the secret to wealth should not be made known to everyone, unless they should the dexterity to own it. Remember, people are introduced to cults by people who they trust and who trust them. So trust, assurance and maintenance of it is the fundamental key.

You know these blood money people are reputed to fall from grace to grass, crashing down to the abyss of penury. Well, maybe they fell out with their benefactors and was removed from the network circle. Maybe the bad economy had affected their line of business,crippling their network base. Maybe they had gotten into legal battles too heavy for them to wiggle out from. What do I know,it’s easier to believe they did not renew their vows and the devil took his gift away.

As for the new craze of pant stealing, that is just some “yahoo Lord” having fun,watching as his wannebes run round town, stealing pants and running the risk of getting caught and being treated accordingly. If they are smart enough not to get caught, then the secrets of the trade is made known to them.

As for those worried about their destinies getting stolen,one can rightfully ask, how much destiny did these people have in the first place? Times are hard, our economy is in shambles. Competition is stiff. That means there are not enough opportunities to go round for everyone regardless of how hard they work or wish it.

Not to undermine the existence of dark powers, that will in turn undermine spiritual powers totally including the power of God. God forbid such heresy. God dey,literarily.

Well, secret cults are secret for a reason. No one outside their circle really knowns details of their inner dealings,not even me. So accept my sincere apologises for wasting your time by occupying you with something I know nothing about.

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  1. Chuka says:

    Nice read.

    1. Thanks for taking out your time to read through, I really appreciate

  2. Muxical Theo says:

    Smart and logical.. Worth the read

    1. Thanks. Hope you’ll find other posts on the blog interesting as well

  3. Sam says:

    Amazing. I never saw it in this light and this does make sense. Nollywood did school most of us wrongly.

    1. Thanks for taking out your time to read through, I really appreciate

  4. Labi says:

    I have always known this but reading the thought again from someone else “cleared my eye” more. Thanks for this 💙

  5. Adeniyi says:


  6. I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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