The Igbo word for “head” is “isi”. In both languages (English and Igbo) and I suppose in many other languages, ” head” is used across different contexts; head of state, head of government,head of family, head of department, team head.

We all know how “almighty” these positions are.

This shows how important the word “head” (both as a noun and verb) is.

In the human body, the head is not any less important. Actually, it is even far more important. For on it depends many functioning of the entire body.

Given the complexity of functions coordinated in the “head”, a ” mis” or malfunction invariably has consequences that may manifest in different ways.

What happens when that happens?

Well, many things. Today we’ll focus on how a malfunction of the “head” affects mood,thoughts and behavior; mental health.

Mental health may seem abstract to some people. It’s understandable. After all, it’s different from what we generally know as illness.

Is it,really? Are mental disorders any different from diseases of the body?

Well, as much as they all have their divergence, they still share some similarities. One of which is important to us today.

Just like some other health conditions, mental health and its disorders cut across people different ages, manifesting in different forms and affecting people in different ways.

In line with 2018 World Mental Health Day themed; “Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World”, it’s important we understand the dynamics of mental health in young people. Moreso in a changing world.

The umbrella of mental health and its disorders covers more than those walking naked in the street, or people who get to what they think is the end of the rope and they jump across Third Mainland bridge.

Mental health and its disorders influence our choice of friends, quality and duration of our relationships,aspirations we pursue or choose not to pursue, our ability to cope with good and bad situations. It also influences how well we handle irritability, anger and aggression. The list is endless.

We take for granted and undermine the complexities behind a well functioning mood thought and behavior.

Young people have their lives ahead of them. A good state of mental well-being influences how well they enjoy their youth,explore and maximize opportunities during the time and prepare for their future.

It’s a new world, none of us( the old and the young alike) have never lived in a world like today’s world( 24 hour access to internet, massive mass media, vast array of intoxicating substances, full disclosure of divergent sexuality, ideas and thoughts). Its many opportunities and inherent dangers are not documented in history. We all live it as they unfold.

Change in behavior invariably follow these changing changes.

How are young people affected by this today? How will they be affected by it tomorrow?

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