One of the trending discussions of now is the resignation of Zimbabwean long-term Leader, Robert Mugabe. To be frank and honest, we all can agree that the “resignation” is more of a euphemism for “fall”. With that said, his fall was a decent end of an imposing leader who ssomehow successfully elected to Office for 8 tenures.

The tale of the Mugabe “fall” cannot be complete without mentioning the implicity of his wife, Grace. Grace was no regular First Lady, she was far more. Maybe that is what ordinarily may become of anybody whose spouse remain in Office for over 3 decades. We see for ourselves how much power the spouse of our single or double tenure political leaders wield. How much more a person whose spouse stays on for that long.

I was tuned onto a Radio show this morning, and a Caller called in and said we need to check the influence and power the wives of political office holders wield. That’s a good suggestion, but for me, I would say we should check how much influence and power “spouses” exert on their partners who are in leadership positions, not just in politics. One thing about influence is that it cannot be structured, or even controlled. We cannot make laws that would control influencing forces over a leaders decisions or actions. No one can be sure what thoughts,ideas belongs to who.

In Church, we are told that in marriage, 1 +1 is 1. That may be a cool equation for marriage, but it can only spell disaster if that should be applied in other spheres of life. Maybe that is where the “problem” stems from.

We all can attest that it’s a good thing for ones spouse or partner to show interest in their work or career, but it’s an entirely different ball-game if they become a,the hand that pulls strings. It is important to extend the call for caution to both husbands and wives. It’s needless to say that some women’s duties and responsibilities which they assume depends on the “agreeability” of their husbands. These women pass-over opportunities, soft-paddle, just because it is what falls within the boundaries of what allows peace to reign in their homes.

There is hardly any man whose only “description” is being the “husband of his wife”, and on that, he enjoys good economic standing in the society. Such men are few and their types not taken seriously. They are considered the most useless of men. For those forced into the situation by circumstances, they feel ashamed about the situation, and make effort to gain standing of their own. I don’t know why women derive a sense of great pride for the same circumstance. If Femininism is to be taken seriously, they must level this “inequality”.

And it seems we have instituted spousal roles in Nigeria. For one, we have Offices of the First Lady, a non-Constitutional position, yet we continue to see its structure and function. There are many “Association of Wives”. Women just form themselves in a group and outline objectives for themselves, with the common group being that they are married to men in the same profession, rank or line of work.

One would be tempted to say that women who clinge to their spouses achievement and attainment lack attainments of their own. Hence, the need to take pride and see the endeavors of their spouses as theirs. Sorry to say that.

Back to Grace Mugabe. We all know Hilary Clinton. Last year, she lost the fiercely contested US Presidential election. She is a one-time Secretary to the Government of the United States. We all know her husband. No one would say she attained all these successes by riding on her husband’s back. Her achievements are distinct from that of her husband. We all recognize that, or at least I do. So nothing bars the spouse of a leader from having or pursuing their own aspirations. But Madame Grace simply went about hers the wrong way.

Many men have fallen because of the actions of (their women), the strongest man in the Bible(Samson), the wisest man ever (Solomon), I can go on and on. So Mugabe has only joined a league of extra-ordinary gentlemen.

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