The death of Chester Bennington of the highly successful Linkin Park rockband shocked the world. His demise on its own was devastating already, even more rude was the fact that he ended his own life.

You probably may not know Linkin Park if music is not your thing. Rock music is perceived as loud noise by an average music lover. I used to think so too. But Linkin Park warmed the hearts of everyone to Rock music. Chester was their lead singer.Too bad he is gone.

The death of Robin Williams made us feel the same way. This was a man who made a career off making us happy. Maybe we all believed he was happy too. There are many people in the world that cheer us, but behind their happy face is gloom. Gloom no one else understands. Gloom no one else would believe, even if they were told.

But Robin and Chester are not the only ones. In fact Wikipedia has a list of them. An exhausting list of Stars who cut their own life short.

The list is more terrifying than exhausting. To think that these are men and women who we can rightfully say their dreams came true. Men and women whose voice echoed round the whole world. Men and women with talent, who had found fame and fortune.

It is easy to console a poor man by giving him hope of a better future. It becomes hard to console a man who has acquired all there may be to acquire.

As sad as these incidents are, it reminds us that our Stars are much like us. Behind all the glitz and glamor are ordinary people who you have their own yearnings. With their own share of ups and downs of life. We all want love. We all want comfort. We all want company. All these do not dwell only in big mansions and boulevards. They also dwell in poor huts and shaggy slums. Most importantly, they dwell in the heart.

Happiness is a hard thing to find. Both in oneself and in another. We do not know if it can be found in death.

It may take suicides, divorce, drug problems or terminal diagnosis for people to know that Celebrities too have problems. Problems they find hard to surmount. These problems does not mean they have fallen,it is not their end. It should not be. It is not a time we should scoff and say the rich also cry. Moments like this prove that they are humans too.

They may be Celebrities and everything about them make headlines.Undoubtedly, there are more suicides out there. Some may have been covered up, some others never reported. It could be anyone. The hardest battle is the battle with oneself. It is long, and never ending. A battle some people give up on too soon.

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